Genesis ఆరంభం

మడత పేజీ

 “ Why do I feel so optimistic?
    I have nothing. 
    I am an ordinary person, a tiny part of this nature.
   So what!  Don’t I have boundless energy within?”         
  (Drushyadrushyam, Novel,2003)
I am a Telugu (1) writer, born in a village between two rivers (2), perhaps, I am a person who draws inspiration from the village within.
I am a writer and I am a woman. I have experienced  the politics of gender like any other Indian woman but, it’s my writing abilities that helped me to stand up and express myself.
Nature, women and children walk with me in my silent pursuit.
 I understand that ,
Being a writer is a humble expression of  being myself.
Being a writer challenged me to reflect on the diverse situations I was never aware of ,earlier. I…

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